A world of passion and greed.

Alfiero stands out as an industrial manufacturer specializing in revisited tiramisus, destined for supermarkets, local authorities and fast-food outlets. Our ambition is to become the world leader in our field of expertise, thanks to our know-how and our commitment to continuous improvement. Each dessert is the fruit of a passion for excellence, combining tradition and innovation to offer unique taste experiences. Our goal is to share the pleasure of a revisited Italian dessert with the world, with a focus on authenticity, innovation, and superior quality. Our vision is to inspire a new generation of consumers to rediscover this classic Italian pastry, adapting it to contemporary tastes and needs.


Opened at the beginning of summer 2020, Alfiero Store is a "concept" of a tasting room that has been imagined to offer a pleasant moment around a good artisanal dessert. The desserts are made with fresh raw materials from local suppliers.

Our menu is constantly updated and adapted to the new seasons.

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