A world of passion and greed.

Our desserts will surprise you.

And do you know why? Because we have been working hard for almost 5 years to offer you unique products. From the selection of the raw materials to the know-how and the respect of the specifications, we have hardly changed our recipe except to improve it.

Discover our 2 ranges of tiramisus: the Premium and the French Touch

Our values


Our tiramisus are composed of a unique know-how, a layer of passion and a sprinkling of pleasure in order to provide a taste experience worthy of a home-made delight.

Raw materials

Our raw materials come in part from local producers. Benefiting from a unique terroir, they provide us with exceptional products, both in terms of taste and quality.


Our strong position in the supermarket and foodservice desserts market is based on our ability to adapt to any constraints that may exist.


Opened at the beginning of summer 2020, Alfiero Store is a "concept" of a tasting room that has been imagined to offer a pleasant moment around a good artisanal dessert. The desserts are made with fresh raw materials from local suppliers.

Our menu is constantly updated and adapted to the new seasons.

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